Promotional Materials, Handwritten Lettering, Photography, Photo Retouching 
This project was based on my travels to Peru. As I made my way to Cusco, like most people my main goal was to see Machu Picchu. Unfortunately during high season the means of travel to the sacred ruins are limited and packed with many people with the same idea in mind. In recent years, the increase in annual tourism to Machu Picchu has caused rapid deterioration of the ruins. The Peruvian government is currently unable to keep up with the preservation. This project highlights the travel alternatives to Machu Picchu to prevent the ruins from rapid deterioration, in turn promoting tourism to alternate locations.
This project highlights the alternatives to Machu Picchu to keep the ruins from deteriorating so rapidly and spreading tourism to alternate locations, thus helping the local community with a boost to the tourism revenue. Short facts of the location that increase awareness of climate change and how its affecting things that have been hidden for thousands of years. 
I was never able to make it to Machu Picchu that time but the mishap lead me to something beautiful and unfamiliar that tested my endurance far more than I would’ve imagined.

I used different toned markers to determine which colors would go where, then I cut different colored paper that would match the mountain as closely as possible later in photoshop they were manipulated to get the desired color and added details in smaller locations. 
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