Self Exploration, Illustration ​​​​​​​
The feminine has always been the future of humanity. Women are the creators of all human life on the planet. We are in a society raised by women and if we are the ones nurturing the leaders of this world why not be the best we can be. I created this in the midst of my own journey towards empowerment after feeling so powerless for so long. I know I’ve always had something to say but was afraid to speak up. The point of no return was the realization of my own unique power to create life and shape the world around me. After that I had no excuses, it was time to do something about it. Its been a slow and steady process.
I know I will never quit because even in the midst of setbacks I hold the perspective that it’s only temporary. Ironically I’ve discovered time and time again that what I labeled a “setback” was a blessing in disguise for me to learn a lesson that, without, I was not quite ready for the next step of my journey. The fire within me is still stoking. Masculine and feminine energy have always played an equal role in the balance of life, and might be a mans world but it wouldn’t be nothing without women.
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